Powful permanent magnetic planar chuck

PMM powerful rectangular permanent magnetic chuck

Suitable for metal cutting, the gene a app ca on of CNC machining center, CNC engraving and illing machine,grinding machine and other mechanical processing equipment.
Magnetic force produced by high energy materials, no time limit, no energy consumption, no heat, environmental safety, the operation is simple and practical.
Stacking of strong attraction, magnetic, according to the workpiece contact area increases, can be used to power the milling and drilling.
Super strong suction cup panel big rigidity, good stability, in use process does not produce distortion, which can realize precision machining.
Simple mechanical switch, do not need power supply, avoid appear disappeared as suddenly loses power and make the magnetic workpiece falls off.
Simple quick re’placement of the clamping workpiece, workpiece clamping adjust Working hours, to realize five surface processing,improve work efficiency by 80%.